Hello world!

Today, we have started the new blog for the mobile robot called FloriBot. This blog is partly in German and partly in English.

We plan to take part in the next Field Robot Event in 2012 in Venlo.

We are a group of employees and students from the Heilbronn University of applied science. The project was initiated by Torsten Heverhagen. By now, about 10 students are working on several topics related to the FloriBot.

Furthermore, Dieter Maier and Raoul Zöllner are participating in this project.

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About Torsten

End of 2009, I became a professor of the Heilbronn University of applied science. My main topic is software development for technical systems. Before I got this job, I was working in the automotive industry. In my private life I'm very interested in mobile robots, so I decided to bring together my knowledge about developing automotive software systems and the area of developing software for mobile robots.

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