Selecting and Buying of the Robot Base

Since a few years I’m a fan of the “Field Robot Event“, so I decided to take part in this event in the future.The year 2010 was gone with some research about commercially available robot bases and with selecting and buying the robot base. Some of my criteria were:

  • must work in an outdoor environment
  • robot width should be about 45 cm
  • robot equipped with drive (servos, encoder, wheels, gear, …), laser scanner, camera, embedded PC, software framework (i.e. player/stage, ROS, …)

After all I had two main favorits:

After I got some quotes for the two robot bases I had to decide for the CoroWare Explorer, mainly because of the budget.

The robot was build and shipped in the end of 2010. Finally I saw the robot for the first time end of January 2011.


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About Torsten

End of 2009, I became a professor of the Heilbronn University of applied science. My main topic is software development for technical systems. Before I got this job, I was working in the automotive industry. In my private life I'm very interested in mobile robots, so I decided to bring together my knowledge about developing automotive software systems and the area of developing software for mobile robots.

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