Task 1 World

One of the first tasks for the Floribot project is the creation of a new worldmap for the virtual environment ROS stage. The map follows the rules of the Task 1 2013.

You can get a quick overview from the following picture:

The major changes are:

  • Improved load speed (no use of .png files anymore)
  • The floribot now starts at position [0 0]
  • All boarders are now closed
  • Use of “ranger” instead of “laser”

You can launch the world with the following command:

rosrun stage stageros task1_2013.world

2 thoughts on “Task 1 World

  1. Hey Felix,
    thx for the new Task1 map.
    Can you please change the distance between the plants (not between the rows) to 45 cm. Source for “plantdistance” is wikipedia “Sonneblume”. So there is less amount of plants, buts its closer to reallity.

    Regards Jens Seifried

  2. Hi Felix,
    again i need another Tast1 World for a simulation. Maybe you can give it the name Task1_pfm.world.
    The attributes should be the same.. only the distance between the plants should now be 5 cm or less. Hope you can push it to Git soon.

    Regards J.S.

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